Readdle is officially working on a new version of Spark

This has been speculation on my part for some time (based on announcements of “big features to come”, of some AppleScript support being integrated in the app without any official mention of it and other clues), but it’s official now. (cc @Bmosbacker )

Whatever features there are are sure to trickle to the mobile versions next. Really looking forward to this as Spark has been rock solid for me, even more since I leveraged its undocumented AppleScript features.


@anon85228692 that sounds promising!

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It was a while back, but I heard they were also working on a PC counterpart.

I’ve also been back and forth with Spark. I really want to use it. Once in a while I run into an issue that frustrates me but overall, it is stable and offers more features than Apple Mail. I may have to conclude that everything considered, the features are worth the frustrations (e.g., going to the Spark website to open a link). That said, the Things 3 quick entry feature with Spark and Apple Mail works great so connecting an email to a todo is a breeze.

For me, I am not sure what features Spark needs to add. Both they and Airmail have a huge amount of features, but the core experience always seems to fall apart for me (search doesn’t find things, etc etc)

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You don’t have to. Spark produces two different message links, public ones (for cooperation) and private ones (for task management). Check the scripts I published for the latter.

@eternalux It’s in the works, their website mention it (I would venture it will be published alongside the new desktop version).

@cheekyjeremy The task integration is very subpar. Airmail has the best one, and I hope Spark replicates that.