Readdle’s all-new Documents X

This looks great! The pinnacle feature seems to be “Smart Actions” that are recommended to users based on an action they just took. So, for example if you upload a file to Dropbox, it will suggest an action to share the link. Seems a good all-in-one option and I’m looking forward to trying this out. Anyone used Documents in the past?

I haven’t used this version, but I’ve used Documents in the past. Haven’t in some time, but I’m going to give it a try. They brought Documents to the M1 Mac (I assume via catalyst since it looks the same as the iPadOS version), so now it works on all Apple platforms. Might be very useful and the price is certainly good!

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I actually didn’t even notice this, so that makes it even more useful. Thanks!

I downloaded the app again, and it looks good. I wonder why they have added subscription for people who already won their PDF expert. The other feature they included in the pro is vpn, which I do not have a use for.

I downloaded this week and it is fantastic! I can manipulate files much more easily on my iPad.

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I have it. Not sure why I got it but it does come in handy. If unzips in a jiffy!

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