Readdle’s Calendar 5-I’m impressed!

Readdle had a 50% off sale and it only cost me $10 to complete my bundle with them. I’m always looking for new apps (I’m such an App Junkie) and was interested in trying out Calendar 5. I had heard great things about it and wanted to see if it could work for me. (My task manager needs aren’t Omnifocus level. Heck, theyr’e barely Things 3 level.)

Does anyone use this daily? How about the Task integration? I currently use Things 3 but I can see the appeal of using a task manager with my calendar. I’m going to use restraint and apply the @mikeschmitz rule of not switching task managers when you find a new shiny app. I will probably run them in tandem and see what works best. The only downside I see is there is no MacOS option.

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I exclusively use the Day view on my iPhone, and I probably access the app 10-15 times/day. When I had an iPad I used the week view (but I didn’t use it much on that device). I use it exclusively to read and edit my Google Calendar events, and it’s great for that; for some reason it’s unusual in that you access GC by signing in directly to the app, as opposed to most other calendars which have you subscribe in Apple_Calendar and then they read/write to that, which then makes the extra step to GC.

I have a lot of overlapping calendar events and I’ve found that Readdle’s app has a better-looking implementation than any other app I’ve tried in the Day view.

(I also have to giver a shout-out to Google’s own Calendar app, which has a neat 3-day view I sometimes use.)

Never really used Readdle’s task integration. I tried using Apple Reminders but didn’t like it much. (Recently I learned of the $1.99 Reminder app, which I bought and like - it’s what Apple’s Reminders should be and look like! Still, I ultimately decided not to use it, in favor of Todoist, which offers 2-way sync with Google Calendar.)


Thanks for the input! Another thing I like with Calendars 5 is that I can print out my calendar from my iPad. I like to print out the month to keep by my desk and write down anything that might be important for later. At the end of the month I look over my calendar and tally up any comp time I might have.

I wish there was a way the Tasks page could be printed out with the calendar. Still, it’s a great program and I’ll put it through it’s paces before I drop my other apps.


You’re way ahead of me there. I think I printed maybe twice over the course of 4 years with two different iPads, so I have no experience at all with that. I always just saved files and printed from my Mac…

Readdle’s tasks implementation is pretty interesting - I just took a look and didn’t realize that you could choose to sync either iOS Reminders or Google Tasks. GT is getting more powerful of late - for example you can drag an email from anywhere in Gmail to the Google Tasks sidebar to instantly turn it into a task and it’ll keep the email’s subject as the task name, with a link to the email underneath. You can then archive or move the message and still open it easily from the Google Tasks link. And the latest version of GT gained some nice subtask features too. (But as I said above, I’m not using either Reminders or GT right now.)


I am a very happy daily user of Calendars 5.

I like that I am able to integrate my personal calendar with two work oriented calendars (I direct operations in client services, so I have my organizations calendar and the clients calendar). My personal calendar is through google, and both work emails are separate outlook/office 365 accounts.

I like the ease with which I can add items, and also find it syncs well with all accounts. I also like that I can enter data into the title of the calendar event that then influences the time or date of the event, or invites people to it if I put their name in it.

I actually use week and month view the most often, as I generally want to see the “bigger” picture. It works best for the way I organize my time.


Thanks for the info! I have Calendars 5 syncing with my work Google Calendar as well. It syncs nicely. When the new year starts I plan to really put this app through it’s paces.

What I’ve been doing is printing out a physical monthly calendar from iCal, so it has all my important events already printed on it, and mark it up through out the month. I’m salary but my work gives me comp time for any major overtime* so I like to write it down on my calendar so I can turn it in. Also, I like to write down anything I might need to remember or was just interesting. I take the calendar at the end of the month and scan it in to keep as a record and a monthly review. I know I could key this in to iCal but I like having the physical calendar to update through the month. Also, it gives some credibility if I were to be questioned about my overtime.

*About 3 times a year I but it almost 90 hours a week and work at least one Saturday a month. I don’t put down any overtime under 4 hours. By the end of this year I’ll have about 100 hours of comp time and all 3 weeks of my vacation time (I used comp time and not vacation time for this time off) untouched. This is even after 3 weeks of vacation this past year and many days off and coming in late and late lunches. Keeping up with comp time is pretty vital for my work.

Currently, I’m all in on the Readdle App. Used to use Fantastical on the phone but deleted it a few months ago.

So my iPad and phone are now running the same app.

I even use the tasks/reminders portion on occasion.


My calendar app of choice too.
The killers features are the fantastic week view on the iPhone and integration with iCloud calendar AND reminders, so you can see both in one view. So useful.


@rebornrock, I did not know about the reminder integration. That is a great feature!

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I am new to the Calendars 5 party and the only work around I had to do was re-enter addresses that were populated from Contacts in iCal. When I clicked on them in Calendars 5, in the car, for directions, rather than directing me to the address for “Neil’s home” which was correct in iCal, it directed me to Neill’s Funeral Home (no joke) in another state. i reported it to them and they are looking into it. I was willing to re-enter those repopulated addresses in Calendars 5. For me, it was worth it. It solves my task/reminder and calendar integration. I love it. The UI is wonderful and the variety of views is tremendously useful.

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I do something similar but without paper - I have a separately-colored calendar item for that info, and I enter numbers as an all-day event. (Note: if you use Natural Language Input you should put amounts inside quotation marks [what Brits call “inverted commas”] or the app might think it’s a time and place it inside the calendar on that date at the time it thinks you entered.)

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