Readdle’s Scanner Pro goes freemium subscription

I’ve been using Scanner Pro for years and pretty happy with it. Looks like I should be grandfathered into the current use which I’m ok with since I paid for the app. Here’s a blog post about the change to new release and change to subscription.

I’m hesitant to upgrade to the new version. Lol

I had it on an old Mac and tried to migrate it to my new one and saw the new subscription requirement. I think it’s very expensive if you’re not doing any serious editing/signing or creation. Immediately deleted it and am now using PDFpen on my mew Mac since I still have a Setapp subscription.

I like how it’s always “goes subscription” instead of “goes free.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems safe to update on iOS. I thought it was already doing OCR so I’m not entirely sure what Text Vision is doing differently.

Good point. I updated the topic to freemium subscription. Its tough when it makes the switch over to a subscription model. I generally question how they’re able to keep track of the fact that I already paid for it.

I just updated the iOS app and all seems ok… so far :crazy_face:

Same here. Updated to v8. Works ok and OCR’d correctly a couple of test scans. Didn’t ask for money.

Yet :sunglasses:

I’ve been using Scanner Pro for years and yes, OCR has always been a feature. And while they state on their blog “in previous versions of Scanner Pro, you had to manually apply OCR on each scan.” this has not been the case since I have been using it. OCR is set it and forget it.

Create new scan in Scanner Pro


Is text vision doing a live OCR, meaning no photo taken? Something like how Google translate will translate whatever your camera is pointing at?

Probably using “App Store Receipts”.

Readdle describes Scanner Pro as “The best iPhone and iPad scanner app”.

Are you sure you had this on an old (thus not M1) Mac?

Maybe you are referring to PDF Expert instead?

I have no idea. My app has not been updated in the past few weeks and I have no Upcoming Automatic Updates showing. My comment was based on the current app.

I did exactly the same. I saw that PDF Expert for Mac had added lots of new features (none of which I needed), and a subscription, after I’d done a clean install. After seeing that it would be another €50 a year, I immediately deleted it and reverted to PDFPen, which more than meets my needs. I know I could carry on with the old version, but I don’t trust companies to support old versions for long when they can make more money moving users to a subscription over time.

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There doesn’t seem to be many options that require the pro service? Workflows appears to be the major one? Or am I missing something?

Tell me more about Workflows - in this context. (I ask because it might be worth the money.)

iOS version also has new version but haven’t updated yet. Just in case :thinking:

I have only know about it for a few hours thanks to David’s paperless guide… basically a one touch button for whatever you wish to do with the scan!

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You know what; you’re right! I got them confused…

I’m wondering whether it’s possible to automatically do something with the page images and separately do something with the OCR’ed text. Kicking off automation - such as text mangling - would be fun.

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So I unintentionally updated the app. Looks pretty good for me and I looked into the changes

If you already bought Scanner Pro:

  1. You can still use all the features you had before without any limitations. They remain free for you forever.
  2. All the new Scanner Pro features added in version 8 and mentioned in this article are also free for you. These include the modern new design, Text Vision, and full-text search.
  3. However, some of the new capabilities we’re going to add in the future might require a subscription.

Played with TextVision. It’s a separate tab that is all the OCR’ed text and allows you to copy and paste from that tab. Seems that you can copy and paste from the document as well.

@MartinPacker, doesn’t look like it has that functionality. Here are the workflow options