Readdle's PDF Expert is on sale for $24.99 (-58%)

I read and hear a lot praise for PDF Expert (it was even mentioned in the favorite apps thread) here on MPU.

I just saw that it is currently on sale for $24.99 on “two dollar tuesday”:

(BTW: I am by no means affiliated with twodollartuesday, I just stumbled upon it and thought some MPUsers might be interested :smiley:)

PS: What about a “deals” section or at least a tag to filter the software board?


I know it has been in the show, but David and Katie are both heavy pdf users and obviously recommend PDFPen Pro.

So please enlighten me, what do I get out of PDF Expert I don’t get from Preview?

To be honest, I’m asking myself the same thing.
It allows to edit text, images and URLs, but I very rarely do this, as I usually keep my source files from which I derived the PDF. And there is a feature to black-out text, which is not just a removable overlay, but it will actually replace the text itself in the document with black rectangular shapes.

I know that some people really dislike Apple’s annotation line-style for shapes, arrows and lines (the crayon style) and choice of colors, especially for highlights.

Also some people prefer the tabbed view, apparently.

When it comes to the PDF page editing options, I like the grid style page overview better than the miniature list that Preview provides. Especially when reordering pages or inserting pages in the middle of others the miniature sidebar is very limiting.

Also being able to crop pages can often be very handy. For example if you received slides that contain company/institution’s logos on every slide.

I know it’s a little thing, but if you have PDF Expert open you can drag a .doc or image into it and it will automatically turn it into a PDF.

If you’re using the app on your iPad it syncs really well (handoff right in the app itself). If you’re invested in the Readdle suite of apps it has great implementation with Scanner Pro.

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I have found that PDF Pen works pretty well on the Mac, but PDF Expert is much better on the phone. Highlighting and annotations on my phone is very fiddly with PDF Pen Pro, but the same can be said about PDF Expert when on the Mac.

So I’m afraid my solution is to have one app on the Mac and the other app on my iPhone.

Yeah I use the Readdle apps on iOS all the time, although most of my pdfs either stay in Documents, thats why I am even considering picking up the mac app. But I don’t think I can get $25 of value out of it.

PDFPen is just to expensive for me. I don’t deal with PDFs enough to make it worth it for me. Maybe when Smile has some sale I consider it, because it probably is the best tool out there.

If they live in Documents it still should implement nicely with PDF Expert on the Mac. Basically once you buy PDF Expert on the ipad you can just hide that app, but it still syncs just as nicely with the Mac version. I used to keep all of my files inside the Documents folder in iCloud because it was a superior file browser, (it may still be better than the files app lol).

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Since my Synology NAS is still not supported in Files I use Documents most of the time.

How come? I see DS Files and Synology Drive, as well as the old (legacy) CloudStation as providers in Files?

But only in the iOS 10 fullscreen style, not fully integrated like e.g. iCloud Drive, Dropbox or WorkingCopy.
I actually send them a feature request already and they said that it might get a higher priority if more people do so as well.

I have been using PDF Expert on the iPad for many years for both my work and also personally needs. It is may favorite PDF app on iOS. Recently I have also been using the PDF Expert on the Mac. On iOS, it is one of the few PDF apps that allows you to use hyperlinks from one PDF to another PDF page on another PDF file. You can’t create that link on iOS, but if you do it with Adobe on a computer to create the links, and then transfer it to the IOS PDF Expert, it recognizes those links. It also has many other features. Love that app.

I heard that PDF Expert on Mac doesn’t support OCR. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

How does that work? Don’t the files have to be in the same folder relative to each other? Or do you mean linked to another PDF’s page hosted somewhere on a static domain/address?

That is true, there is no OCR function inside of PDF Expert, probably the biggest separator of PDF Pen.