Readwise + Obsidian-which plugin?

Before I’m told :grinning: I know I can (and probably will) post this question in the Obsidian forum. But, I find MPUs forum so helpful, that I like to begin here.

I’ve decided to give Readwise a 30 day trial in connection with Obsidian. When I searched for the Obsidian Readwise community plugin, I found two.

Which is the best to use? I assume the Readwise Community plugin but I thought I’d check before installing. Thanks!

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Release notes can be helpful.


In addition to this plugin [the Readwise Community Plugin], there is also another Readwise community plugin for Obsidian named Readwise Mirror, which can be found at: GitHub - jsonMartin/readwise-mirror. Both plugins exist for different use cases, so please read below to determine which best suits your needs.

  • Download the Readwise Mirror plugin if you want to mirror your entire Readwise Library into Obsidian and sync modifications to previous highlights

  • Download this plugin [the Readwise Community Plugin] to import highlights (new highlights only for now) to your library with full control over the ability to modify and format your notes

GitHub - renehernandez/obsidian-readwise: Sync Readwise highlights into your obsidian vault

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Readwise is making their own official plugin which is currently in beta. You can write their support and they’ll help you get connected to it. :slight_smile:


Thanks @anon41602260 and @kennonb, much appreciated. I noticed that in my Readwise account that only four books (out of hundreds) synced and downloaded highlights. I’m assuming (I emailed the developers) that that is a limit of the trial version. I don’t see the limited mentioned but I probably just missed it.

I write Readwise support for access to the beta.

Thanks again!