Readwise or readwise lite

my trial with Readwise is about to expire. I am considering whether I should upgrade to a paid plan, full plan @ $8/month or lite @ $4.5/month.

I cannot tell how I can use the additional benefits being a full plan member. Readwise seems to be less than transparent about the details.

Any thoughts?

They list the pro vs. free benefits here: Pricing | Readwise

With lite, you’d be giving up note tagging, publishing (Broadcast) and active reviewing (as opposed to whatever the daily email sends.) As well as evernote/notion export and beta access, if those things matter to you.

thanks @cornchip , do you think the additional benefits of the full plan @ $3.5 / month is worth it. I am retired and have no regular income so I am watching my expense carefully and make sure I spend my money wisely

Understandable. I’d probably stick with Lite unless you’ve been heavily tagging and finding that it’s saving you time in review/follow-up.

thanks again, that’s what I am inclining to do too.

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