Readwise, Pocket & Instapaper

So sorry if this has been brought up before. I have finally signed up to Readwise free trial… would you guys recommend either Pocket or Instapaper as they have a direct sync with Readwise?

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Do you want to write comments on your highlights, or is just highlighting okay? I ask because I ended up going with Instapaper for the ability to take notes on the articles, while (afaik) Pocket only allows highlighting.

For organization, Pocket uses tags, while Instapaper uses folders, which is something else to consider. Otherwise I think they’re pretty similar in terms of saving articles and interacting with them. Instapaper’s UI is a little more minimalist, while Pocket has more social features. It’s probably a matter of preference.


That’s fantastic. Thank you. Like Apple v Android!

I concur: Instapaper for me to as I prefer the less cluttered UI and the easy highlighting and note. Tags would be nice but not essential.

Tags and notes can be added to imported highlights in Readwise – no matter if from Instapaper or from Pocket. It might be best to be doing these notes in Readwise anyway – since that is part of the read-review-recall aspect of the app.

Readwise has also hinted at its own read-later app sometime in the future – though Readwise development proceeds at a very very slow pace, so don’t forgo the benefits of Pocket or Instapaper today just because Readwise might someday have its own app.


same for me , I dropped Pocket a few years back and now Instapaper is my main read - it -later service. However, I am also trialling UpNext, which can be syned to Readwise too

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Not something else to try!!!

Oh yes I forgot they were developing their own. That’s a result. Either one then I won’t pay premium for a year upfront!

Wow this looks like a clone of Matter. So many new players in this space suddenly.

Instapaper all the way!

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