Readwise users. Some questions

I really want to try the Premium version of Readwise. However I think my Wife wouldn’t mind using it as well. Is there a way to have a Readwise sub that can share multiple logins for Kindle, iBooks etc or is it pretty much one account per Readwise subscription?

If you want two separate folders for each categorization of notes, not possible. I love Readwise, but it is too expensive for what it does and just like you, spending three figures for a family plan doesn’t make sense. I not use other clippers; takes some extra time, but saves me money

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I’m not sure if this would work for you, but I disconnected my kindle account from Readwise and just do manual upload now. That is, when I’m done reading, I go to the “my notebook” menu item on the iPhone app and email the notes to the Readwise email import address. This might work for you as well, if I understand the results you’re trying to achieve (avoiding having someone else’s highlights from your kindle account show up in your readwise).

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Yeah I think i’m going to hang tight. I don’t even know if my wife would like it so i’m better off just trying it myself and go from there.

I’ve been fiddling with an app called Matter; in beta but does the job. You should take a look at it. If you decide you need an invite, let me know and happy to put a referral to the devs/community (I don’t get compensation FYI)

I believe Matter let you sync the highlight and annotation with Obsidian. This is the plug in

A similar app called UpNext , sync with Readwise

I’m curious how Readwise users use the app, I have a subscription (with discount) but have a hard time getting it into my system. The reason I tried it was because i’m studying for a masters degree and hoped it would help me with my exams. The issue I have with certain courses is that they have a lot of math definitions and in other courses there are a lot of images, both do not work well with Readwise.

I’m trying to decide if I need to keep it… it seems it is more oriented to only simple text, maybe something like Anki is a better alternative for me?