Real Life "Jelly Scroll" Experiences on iPad Mini?

I’ve read a bunch of technical articles about the how and the why of the “jelly scrolling” on the iPad mini. But I trust the experiences of folks on this forum - if you’ve got one, what do you think of the scrolling? Is it a real issue? I’m thinking of getting one to replace my wife’s 2nd or 3rd generation model, which she uses mostly for watching streaming video, web browsing, some reading, and lightweight calendar management. Her real productivity stuff is done on a MacBook Air and iPhone.

Any real world experience with it? Thanks!


I don’t notice it. I read up on what to look for, watched a video of it in action, and still don’t see it in use. I mean, if I am really paying attention I do, but in practice I never notice it.

I think it is similar to the 60-120hz refresh rates. If you love ProMotion and it is a must have, you will probably notice little things like the jelly scrolling. I do notice the lack of ProMotion on the Mini after using the iPad Pro and now the iPhone, but it’s not something so important that I could never go back to a 60Hz screen. I think it depends on how picky you are about your viewing experience.

It affects every single iPad model, not just the iPad mini.

It’s not detectable on 120Hz displays with the human eye as I understand it. So you will not see it on the Pros.

Yes, precisely. It’s not worth getting worked up over something you likely won’t notice during normal usage.

My 10.5” doesn’t do it.

You have to record it in slo-mo in order to see it.

Ah. Well, not a problem then :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree that you’re likely not to notice unless you actually have a defective display. Let’s just call it Jellygate and move on to the next issue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If I have this thread open, look at the center of the screen and let my eyes unfocus a bit so I can see the screen edges better, then scroll up and down relatively quickly, I can see it.

But that’s the only time I see it. For me, at least, it’s just not an issue in normal usage.

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Same for me, thankfully.

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