Really Enjoy My New MPU Yeti Tumbler

I realize that this is not the kind of hardware we normally discuss here but I wanted to share my enthusiasm for my new MPU Yeti tumbler. This is my first Yeti product and I am impressed.

As for the MPU logo, my spouse who is decidedly not a tech-head said it looked nice and commented that the distinct design should prevent unintentional appropriation by our off-spring.

Thanks David and Steven for choosing a high quality promotional product. Definitely “10/10 would buy again”. :slight_smile:


Glad you’re enjoying it!

Careful. They are extremely addictive. I have several different ones. And they are massively popular in Outback Oz…


I ordered one last night and can’t wait to receive it. I did some research on the manufacturer and it looks like a solid, well built tumbler! Looking forward to receiving mine.

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Sipping a nice Chardonnay out of my Yeti wine glass as I type this. Been collecting various Yetis over the last 4-5 years. Started because of a comment by a friend that was an asset pro at a golf course. A lady had left her Yeti in the golf cart and called about it. The staff had found it and he told her she could pick it up in the pro shop. She came back the next day and the Yeti still had ice in it. Convinced me they were worth trying. Never looked back. I don’t put as much ice in one as it’s not needed.

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This is intended as constructive criticism.

As much as I like to support Mac Power Users, I don’t see the point of merch without “Mac Power Users” included. I’ve gotten comments from other listeners when I wear the original shirt that says “Mac Power Users” on it (and it needs replacing) and questions about what MPU is, but when I wear the glow-in-the-dark battery T-shirt all I get are questions from people who have no interest in Apple. Nobody knows what it means. Part of the point of wearing your merch is to spread the word and start up conversations with like-minded people.

I love it. It replaced the one my corporate office gave me with their tacky logo.

Also shipped REALLY fast.

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Thanks, you’re costing me money! Now gotta to get myself one (of many) :innocent:

Yeti in the wild and coffee causing procrastination …

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