Rearranging folders on iPad

I would like my app folders to be in alpha order—I’ve googled this and cannot find a solution. (I do not get the ‘edit home screen’ option when I touch an app until it jiggles).


I don’t think you can reorder the folders but if you pull down on the screen the apps are in alpha order.

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You cannot reorder the folders in the App Library. However, you can make folders on the other home screens and arrange those in any order you wish.

The Apple Configurator is a free Apple app which connects your Mac to an iPhone or iPad and then has a very nice GUI to let you rearrange the folders and apps.

I am an app addict and find this to be extremely helpful.

I will give it a go!!!

I don’t think that applies to folders in the App Library, though.

Wow! A reply from Stephen Hackett!!

It kinda drives me nuts that I can’t order the folders. I don’t even understand their logic.

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I agree. I hope that future iOS versions allow more customization in that App Library view.

They tend to be ordered in App Library by the frequency of use, other than the Suggestions and Recently Added

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