Receipts, Expenses, Subscriptions, Reminders

Hey all

I need a workflow for logging receipts, expenses, and subscriptions. Ideally, I’d like a way to process invoice/receipt emails to PDFs and then logged into a numbers spreadsheet for tracking. My expenses mainly consists of app + services subscriptions and hardware purchases. For context, I am a freelance designer and I’d love to automate business tasks as much as possible, without paying someone else to do it.
Does anyone have a suggested workflow? I don’t mind if this workflow is exclusively on Mac but bonus points if I can do it mobile (iPhone and iPad).

Thank you so much!

I use Quicken as it downloads all transactions from my various bank, checking, investment and credit card accounts. I still do scan important receipts and store them in my nested folder structure using DTP3 to search and organize using Indexed files option.

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Look at Scanner Pro for capture of your paper receipts.

Hazel can be used to automate the filing including renaming the file. Consider doing advanced functions such as pulling out the $ value of the receipt and placing it in the file name.

If you’re going to batch-enter your receipts into a numbers sheet, consider setting up “work to zero” lists of files using finder smart folders. These can be set up show PDFs in a certian folder that do not have the colour tag green (for example). This works off the idea that once you have entered the item in your spreadsheet you tag it with green and it disapears from the list. Right clicking a file and assigning a colour is one of the quickest ways to categorise a file. That’s going to require a mac as iOS still doesn’t have smart folders.


I agree that Scanner Pro on the iPhone is great. It’s the only mobile scanning app that I use.