Receive Large Video Files from Novice Users on Mobile

Looking for a recommendation on how a group of relatively novice users on iOS and Android could share videos with me from their mobile phones. More details below.

I’m a pastor and looking for people in my church to share short, five-ish minute video clips with me. I will use these clips in a video project I’m doing. The folks who will be sharing the files with me will be using a mix of Android and iOS, and they will not all be super techncial users.

I want to make this as simple for folks as possible. I’d prefer that they not need to signup for a service like Dropbox (though I’m open to that being the simplest option). Do you have any recommendations for how they could share movies with me from mobile in a relatively simple, yet high quality fashion?

Thanks in advance!

I’d recommend you pay for a Dropbox account (to ensure you have plenty of space) and then that you create a Dropbox File Request. Then they can open the link and upload their file.

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