Recently bought Fantastical: Is there no search on iOS? And calendar groups?


I recently bought Fantastical for macOS and iOS. It is a powerful calendar, even though I despise the list view of appointments and that some of the Flexibits app features rely on physically rotating your device.

  • Fantastical: Switching to week view.
  • Cardhop: Showing the vcard.

But I’m even more stunned about the following issues:

  • Is there no search inside the app on iOS?
  • And is a quick way to switch between calendar groups also missing on iOS?

I have four groups set up on my Mac:

  1. Private
  2. Private + Planning (includes Doodle and Facebook calendars, as well as other shared ones and one with the course hours of my gym)
  3. Work-Personal
  4. Work-Personal + Work-Planning (includes shared work calendars)

Switching between them is a feature that I use quite often and it is quite tedious to do, as the only way seems to be via Fantastical settings and manually adding/removing the “planning” calendars or switch between the private and work group, which would require to basically invert the whole calendar list. It is so annoying that I never do it on iOS anymore. :slightly_frowning_face:

Or am I missing something?

Thanks a lot in advance.

To search on iOS > pull down ‘on’ the Calendar view, to have the search-bar revealed.

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Unfortunately there are no calendar groups on iOS.

But then it also does not support Exchange accounts which would be in those groups for me…

I have been enjoying WeekCal on iOS which does provide for calendar sets.

It would be great to have Calendar Sets on iOS. I encourage you to share your feedback with Flexibits, if you haven’t already.

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Oh wow, this is so weird. I actually swiped down, but apparently I was too fast or dragged it too far so that instead of revealing the search bar it switched to that other in my opinion quite useless view.
Never even noticed the search bar. :astonished:

Thank you!

Just received a standard reply along the lines of “can’t make any promises”.

I was using “Calendar 366 II” for a while, but both, the macOS and iOS app, feel a bit sluggish. Animations stutter or the app takes a noticeable time to open. Also on macOS I dislike that the only mode of operation is as a menubar-popup.

I bought into Fantastical, as it is almost recommended everywhere in unison and the week view in the dedicated calendar window on macOS is great. But the iOS is really hanging behind. I feel that they are working on a v3. I just hope they don’t take the dreadful subscription route.

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On Fantastical iOS I can only see previous appointments dating back one month. On Mac they go back much further. Can I change this on iOS? I need to reference appointments over several months.

I use that app on my Mac as a combination quick-glance calendar but mostly as a menubar clock, with my choices of font/size/color. My primary view is the 'Week | List" and there’s no stuttering on my iMac.

I do not use it for my primary calendaring, though. (I use a web-wrapper app for Google Calendar, which then shares everything to Apple Calendar.) But it’s got nice features, like TouchBar support and support for Alfred/LaunchBar actions too.

I believe it only uses the iOS setting and doesn’t have a setting in Fantastical itself.

Settings > Calendar > Sync > All Events

Options for 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and All Events

Thank you so much. I didn’t think to go all the way out to the settings app to troubleshoot.

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I mainly use the week view. It starts sluggish with the click on the menu bar icon. Compared to my other menu bar apps there just is a noticeable delay. It will first highlight the menu bar entry with the highlight color (blue) and then take some time to show the popup.

Another issue with the popup is that when you have navigated to a future date it is not possible to leave it and check on some information, as it will always default back to the current week. All in all it just doesn’t seem to be as cleanly coded.