Recipe/Wine Database?

I currently use MacGourmet Deluxe to manage both my recipe and wine databases. Used it for years, and actually like the desktop version of the app. Back in the days when it was owned by Advenio there was great support and an active user forum. Also, the desktop app synced really well through at first Dropbox, then later iCloud. When it was purchased by Mariner they moved everyone over to their own server the sync function stopped working correctly. Further, they basically stopped support and closed the user forum. Anyway, that is the long way of saying I am ready to move on to something different and am looking for suggestions. Thanks!

I love using Vivino and the Vivino scanner app, which has been one of the top apps/social/databases of its kind since it came out in 2011. It supposedly has 30 million users, but I suspect that’s possibly totaling downloaders and site visitors.


I scan in the labels of wines I’m drinking and rate them and comment on them. A ranking system is also available for each style of how the wine compares to others in the winery all the way to global appeal. The app also lists prices and ways to buy wine (which I don’t use), suggested food pairings, and more.

At a wine shop I’ll scan and then browse through the reviews, prices, and rankings of the wine. Detailed information is provided for each label along with pricing and user tips.

The premium version of Vivino features a personal buying guide, complete with recommendations and other types of exclusive content. I’m grandfathered in to that, but rarely use it. The Vivino app provides better and better recommendations the more wines you rate, the key principle being that you should rate liked and disliked wines or else the app will not know which ones to stay away from recommending.

For recipes, I have used Paprika for a very long time. It has versions for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, with excellent integration. Has recipe capture for a lot of the food sites and you can easily add the recipe (or your own) if it doesn’t capture it. There’s also import capability. The best thing besides the recipe capture, to me, is being able to access all my recipes from my iPhone when I’m at the store.

The only drawback, IMO, is the cost for the apps. However, if you make reasonably frequent use of it, the cost is well worth it.

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I drop PDFs (converted from the web or scanned from print) into KeepIt these days as the search is pretty good (provided PDF is OCR’d, otherwise I rely on the title.
For wine, I’ve been a long-time user of Cellartracker which has some amazing (advanced) capabilities as well as the basic scanning, tracking, reviewing, sorting etc. 2.1 million wines in the DB:

CellarTracker is a tool that you can use to track the wines you have tasted as well as the wines you are storing. It provides numerous fields to let you track as little or as much data as you want about your wine collection and tasting history. At the simplest level, you can keep a wishlist or a list of wines you have liked. At the most complex level, you can keep a detailed record of every bottle, along with custom-generated barcodes, and a complete history of every wine you have ever tasted, regardless of whether it came from your cellar.

I think of CellarTracker as being better for personal inventory than ratings/discovery/shopping but it’s been a while since I’ve looked at it.

I also hear good things about the Delectable app, which does most of what Vivino does, and has notes from in it.

As others have already said:

Vivino for wine

Paprika for recipes.

Simples! :laughing:

That’s true, but I find the ratings rather useful and generally consistent, but I admit discovery and shopping are not catered for. What I will say is it’s got an extremely broad database and integrates with a lot of tasting note sources. Suspect it’s probably better if you’re also using the cellar management features.

Possibly. I use six Storvinos, so cellar management isn’t a priority for me.

For wine I go the simple (and also free) route. Wine database is a Numbers spreadsheet, assisted by notes of each wine and winery kept in Notes. I’ve got the Vivino app on my iPhone but don’t trust it’s ratings (wine is so subjective!).

The spreadsheet has columns Quantity on hand, Quantity Purchased, Year, Color, Grape, Winery, Description, Cost, and Comment. I can quickly filter out all wine I no longer have, and sort by what interests me (usually grape or winery). I also keep running totals of number of bottles stocked and consumed by winery and color.

Thank! I actually use Vivino a lot and find the recommendations for wines I scan to be fairly accurate. Really valuable when I am looking for inexpensive wines at the grocery store to drink during the week. However, I do not believe it has a database to catalog wines I already own, but I could be mistaken.

I heard a lot of positive things about Paprika and will give it a look. Thanks!