Recommend a Safari adblock plugin

I opened up Safari today on my Mac and was alerted that Adguard Adblock would slow down my browsing and I should install a different adblocker from the Mac App Store.

However, there are loads of adblocking extensions on the app store, and I’ve no idea which are worth using. Which one are you using?

I’ve been using 1Blocker on both iOS and macOS since it was released. I haven’t had any issues with it and when I find an issue where it interferes with a website too much, I’ve sent a report to the developer and by the next release that particular issue is fixed. That being said I’ve only had issues on sites that are overly aggressive on combating Ad-Blockers and sites that are already not built that well and I’ve only had to make about 5 reports so far.


My go-to is Ghostery.
Also installing DNS crypt and/or use Open DNS umbrella helps a lot.

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I’m running Ghostery on macOS and 1Blocker on iOS.

So it seems that for the new Safari (v12), plugins which don’t come from the app store (like Ghostery) pop up a warning about slowing down web browsing.


I suppose the key question is how true this is…and whether they slow things down more than the ads they block!!

Get it from the Safari Extensions page

Try Wipr.


Is it because the plugin isn’t downloaded from the App Store, or does it have something to do with the 32 bit / 64 bit warnings of MacOS?

I had the same warning with Adblock Plus.

Macrumors just summarised the updated as blocking extensions which ‘negatively impact browsing performance’ - though being 32 bit may be the cause.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I think I’ll see how the waters settle in the next few weeks as developers update to the new situation.

On the plus side, you now can see favicons in tabs, but you’ve got to enable this in the tabs preference.

Apple just decided to turn off 22 of my Safari extensions that weren’t available in the Safari store.

But I went to the Extensions menu and manually was able to turn them back on. Including Adguard AdBlocker, which works great.

I also use 1Blocker and it’s fine.

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I was using uBlock Origin, and it worked fine, but recently I added a Raspberry Pi running pi-hole. As previously noted, DNSCrypt is another useful tool and it can run on the rpi in conjunction with pi-hole. For the truly paranoid, OpenVPN can be added.

I’ve installed Wipr on Safari for Mac and iOS devices to block ads and trackers.

Works great.

In Safari I’ve been using 1Blocker, but I saw that Better Blocker right now have 99¢ sales on their Mac and iOS products. I remembered they got good reviews, so I picked them up yesterday.

So far so good.

I was considering this one as well, but noticed this on their site:

We protect you from behavioural ads and companies that track and profile you on the web.

I’m curious about “behavioural”; they don’t block “all”/regular ads?

Interesting and thank you.

I’ve seen no comments made about ADP and AP. Clearly D and K have elevated AdBlock which I will read up about. What are folks identifying as pros and cons between and

I’ve ended up with Adblock Plus - only because it was free and being promoted in the App Store. It lets through some ads, but it clears up enough for me.

What’s the latest news with respect to Safari adblocking? I’ve been using 1Blocker, gave Better a trial, and am now trying Wipr.

Thing is, I already use Pi-Hole on my home network so it’s not easy to tell the difference!

Is there a consensus view about the best ad blocker?

Not really.

I own 1Blocker but have been sufficiently pleased with the simpler Better plugin that I’ve been using it for a year. Never tried Wipr but it gets good reviews.

(But my main browsing is in Brave, which accepts a panoply of complementary free ad-blockers and privacy-enhancing extensions that are overall more comprehensive than what Safari and its blockers offer.)

I’ve been using Wipr as well as Pi-Hole. I have forgotten the reason I added Wipr into the mix.