Recommend best app for downloading YouTube videos?

What is your recommendation for the best app for downloading YouTube videos?

If you are comfortable with the command line, it’s hard to beat youtube-dl.


I’m not, I don’t go near cliffs or the terminal! :upside_down_face:


I use a shortcut on my iPad and it works great. You can download it and read how to set it up in this post: How to download YouTube videos with youtube-dl on iPad and iPhone

Sorry to say but I have no coding, scripting or other exotic skill. :slight_smile: I need an “idiot proof” app to download YouTube videos. :upside_down_face:

You don’t need coding skills. Setting it up is very easy and once that’s done you use it like you share items.

Downie is great. I also use 4K Video Downloader for auto downloading channels.


I second Downie. Their conversion program Permute is good too.
My wife uses both to get YT videos to use in the classroom.

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Downie is it, just used it and it worked perfectly—thanks all!

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Downie is fantastic. I need to download a lot of videos, it is constantly updated (often a few times a week) and it has never failed.

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Downie is very good and 4K Download is a good multi platform option.

I prefer to have the least amount of apps installed. I don’t know why… right now I have 55 mac apps on my MacBook Pro

When it comes to YouTube videos, I use this well regarded (and recommended by Firefox) Firefox addon:

It’s use case is not limited to YouTube and works on many video websites. It only download just audio from YouTube if you need that.

I keep it disabled most of the time because these days I do not download many videos but I enable it when I need it.

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I’ll add my +10 to Downie.

The developer is constantly adding new sites and making tweaks. He’s been very responsive to questions as well. Good software, good developer = great experience.

(It’s part of Setapp, for those who have that.)

I have a TextExpander snippet for youtube-dl… just copy the url to clipboard and expand this snippet in the command line and hit enter:

youtube-dl -f ‘best[ext=mp4]/best’ %pasteboard

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