Recommend iPad Pro 12.9 sleeve with handle

I’m looking for a good sleeve for my 12.9” iPad Pro. My criteria are:

  • Fits 12.9” iPad Pro with pencil and Magic Keyboard attached
  • Room for charger in a pocket
  • Has a handle but I don’t need a carrying strap
  • Good quality but not expensive—I don’t need leather or to spend a $100

My use case is to carry my iPad Pro when I leave the office to work on the iPad. I recently had to replace the tip on my Apple Pencil because I knocked the pencil off of the iPad when carrying it to the car. I have a briefcase that works for this and is large enough for my MBP but it is larger than I need for quickly grabbing by iPad and going.

Any suggestions?

I have a Waterfield Dash Sleeve for my iPad Pro12.9. Pocket for accessories and pencil. Made to accommodate Magic Keyboard. $89. Well built and durable like all Waterfield products.

I prefer the horizontal orientation for the 12.9. For the 11, vertical orientation is best.

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This looks great, thanks!

I have two of the Waterfield SleveCases, in horizontal waxed canvas. The 10.5” iPadPro case is going on 4 years now, the 12.9” iPad Pro case is from earlier this year. If the design meets your criteria, the quality of materials, construction, and price are hard to beat. I can even fit a Magic keyboard and trackpad along with the iPad in the 12.9”case.