Recommendation for audio headset for iPad Air 2

I do a weekly chat with some friends, using my iPad. I’m currently using the built in iPad mic and a pair f headphones, but would prefer to use a headset to avoid picking up ambient noise. I’m hoping to get a recommendation for a headset with very good mic audio quality, a mute switch and volume control for the ear pieces.

Airpods and earbuds don’t fit my ears, so I’m limited to over-the-head/ears headsets.

If you have some recommendations please post them.


AirPods if budget allows, if not, EarPods.

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Thanks but neither of those fit. I should have mentioned over the head type of headset.

I do conference calls daily with AirPods, FWIW. They are wonderful and let me walk around hands free.

I am not aware of any over the head headsets made for ipad. You may have some luck using the USB to lightning camera dongle but USB audio devices aren’t supported. Not sure about USB-C on the new iPads via an adaptor. Perhaps someone else here knows.

Of course any bluetooth headset should work, eg plantronics.

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Bose QC35s are awesome, if pricy. They don’t have a mute switch but I’ve not yet encountered headphones that do. They don’t have a microphone wand, but the built in microphone is very good.

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Yeah, but I’m not looking for just any headset. I’m looking for recommendations
Great audio quality is important.

Recommend taking a look over at Wirecutter - hopefully they have something you might be interested in.

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I just picked up a pair of V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless mostly for listening to music but also for my daily conference calls. There is a built in mic that I haven’t had any complaints about and they come with a one button remote with mike if you want to go for low-latency wired. They sell a wired boom mic with a three button control and mute switch. This is a bit pricy, currently $280 for the headphones and $30 for the boom mic. From what I hear the first version (V-Moda Crossfade Wireless) sounds about 90% as good and has about 15% less battery life than version 2 and you can order it for about $150 from Best Buy.

With most wireless headphones the sound quality over bluetooth is noticeably worse than in wired mode. Not so with the V-Moda headphones, the biggest difference is a higher noise floor (a bit of hiss in quiet passages) in bluetooth mode, but otherwise sound identical to wired mode. There are a ton of reviews for these headphones on youtube you should definitely watch some for some good opinions on how they sound and work.

These things are built like a tank and should last a long time.

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