Recommendation for desk wireless charger for iPhone Pro Max

I’m blessed to have a new iPhone 13 Pro Max. Today at the office I was on hold for nearly 30 minutes. I’ve decided I’d like to have a wireless charger stand for the iPhone so it can be charging in portrait position while I’m on hold, taking a call via the speaker, or just having the phone on my desk.

Any recommendations for a desk wireless charging stand for the Pro Max?

We’ve been using a Belkin stand watch charger on our nightstands. It’s an older model with lightning connector instead of wireless but have been very happy with it. Solid construction and very stable. They make a wireless version.

I have the Anker PowerWave charger on my desk, it’s not MagSafe, but it works with MagSafe (it’s got the magnetics in but not the official MagSafe certification). I really like it, especially as I can pop my AirPods Pro on the base to charge them too!

There seems to be a newer one which looks more like the Belkin too:

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I like the TwelveSouth Forté. It has a nice heavy base so it’s easy to pick your phone up off the stand rather than picking up the phone and have the stand come with it. That said, it is a bit pricy and you have to bring your own Apple MagSafe puck to install in it.

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I’ve got a bunch of old Anker qi chargers, but they work great for my 12 pro max. No mag safe so if that is a deal breaker they won’t work.

Thanks, looks nice, and available through Apple Store as well.

Thanks for all of the recommendations. I’m going to give the TwelveSouth Forté a try. Much appreciated!


For sheer beauty I love this one it sits on my desk. Grovemade has always made beautiful products. I have a ton of their products.

Nomad is also a great company. Their Kevlar Cables are the best I’ve ever used. I have this stand in the living room of my house on an end table

I have this one on my bedside table.

This is what I use. It’s been great.

I had a standing wireless stand and I found it too distracting. Because you can quickly glance at the phone, I find I lose my focus. This is a me problem though.

Instead I got this one:

It charges my iPhone and AirPods. Also, with a cable, it charges my iPad Pro

the Anker stands do not require a MagSafe cable, correct? So in practice it’s half the price of the stands that require a cable…

I really like the Yootech wireless charger/stand. I have four of them: one in my office at work, one in my den at home, one by my bedside, and one for my wife’s bedside. There are no magnets. You just set the phone down and it charges. You also always see your phone display as it sits in the stand. The stand isn’t expensive and it works great. The link at Amazon: