Recommendation for stand for MacBook Pro and iPad

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a stand that will work with both a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro?

At the moment I either bring my MacBook or iPad into work and use with an external keyboard setup. I raise the laptop up on a pile of books to eye line. However the iPad has to sit directly on the desk which hurts my neck after a couple of hours.

Is there an adjustable stand that could raise up the laptop and then also be slightly lowered into a position more suited for the iPad?

There are so many options on amazon and the listings are not very clear so it is hard to tell which would be the best adjustable option to suit both use cases.

Any recommendations gratefully received!


I have a couple of these stands. They worked well when I used them as MBP stands. They are sturdy and highly adjustable. I think each joint adjusts in 15° increments.


Thanks John! Can the base plate be adjusted up for iPad use? Raised up closer to 90 degrees so that it is nearly upright? Hard to tell from the specs on Amazon.

As I recall, all of the joints rotate 360 degrees, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I can verify when I get home later today.

For anyone who comes across this thread. I ended up buying the efficiently named ‘Height Adjustable Aluminum Cooling Desktop Laptop Stand Desk Armrest Computer for Computer PC Notebook MacBook’

Very good and sturdy and has full enough rotation and adjustability to be used for both MacBook and iPad


Catchy name :slight_smile:

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The JustMobile UpStand is pretty sweet!