Recommendation for Wifi Setup

After reading Rosemary Orchard’s post about things you waited too long to buy, it got me to thinking about my current wifi set up which is in need of upgrading. Right now I am running an AirPort Extreme and also a Meshforce Whole Home mesh system (which isn’t very good). I have probably 30-40 devices in my home connected at any given time (iPads, iPhones, chrome books, iMacs, Phillips hue, smart life plugs, 4 airport express (for airplay only), 2 home pods, etc. etc. I would like something that…

  • reliable (LOL)
  • supports both 2.4 and 5GHz
  • can cover a moderately sized home of 3 floors (3000 square feet)

What is working for you? Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you


I use a tenda mw6 set, was about £100 on Amazon 18 months ago. Very happy with it, coverage is great and no drop issues.

The only thing that could be better is the app, dies what you need it to do but not overly polished.

I run 30-35 devices, manage to get full speed internet across all nodes that I’ve tested.

Happy to try answer any questions but don’t really know what else to tell you!

Oh, it does 2.4/5 no issues and house size is a 4 bed across 2 floors with brick walls (older build) so the signal needs to be good. It runs to the end of the garden.

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My Eero mesh configuration has been running flawlessly with 30+ devices for several years. No outages, dropped nodes, or other issues. I’m configured with 5 units because of brick walls and strange cutoffs. With any system it’s important to work with placement to get consistent results.


I use the Linksys Velops. They work well and are HomeKit compatible. You can get a single one or buy them in picks for a mesh system. I running about 20ish devices on my system right now without any problems.

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+1 for Eero. Live in older house with various stone and brick obstructions. 3 teens. way too many Apple devices. it has been life changing having Eero. Have 3 base units hardwired to FiOS router plus 3 beacons. no idea if this is overkill. but no more family complaints and we get seamless, great wifi throughout the house including all the previous dead zones.


+1 for Eero here as well. I have the original base model with two beacons. Eero is very much like an Apple product. Plug it in and forget about it, it just works. Say goodbye to having to reboot your router to get your WiFi working again. It is not the cheapest solution but you get what you pay for.


Another recommendation for Eero (I have the version with 3 full APs instead of the mini ones, because I need the ethernet ports on them). The only caveat that I have about Eero is that it’s not a very configurable system, but that’s perfect for me. The very, very, very last thing that I want to do is play network admin at home.


Been happy with my Eero for over 4 years. Easy setup. Just moved to a new house and it took all of 5 minutes to get solid coverage all over the house. I Also have an Eero+ subscription that covers my 1Password and Malwarebytes subscriptions.


I’ve had good luck with my Orbi units, but if I were doing it right now I would get Eero I think.