Recommendation needed: printer for document layout/proofing

Our HP K5400 printer finally failed after 11 years of use. I’m impressed by the longevity. I’m less impressed by what happened to the cost and availability of ink for it after HP put the screws to small suppliers (all we have here).

We’re looking for a replacement. We just need something for printing (no scanning or any of the rest). My wife is the primary user. She uses it for document layout and proofing, plus printing handouts for her school programs.

Her biggest complaint about the K5400 is that the margins of printed output don’t match what she lays out. Stuff is skewed vertically on the page and it’s common for some content to get cut off (even when printing single sided and scaling output to fit the page). What buzzwords should I be looking for to avoid this problem?

Duplexing would be nice. Ethernet might be appreciated, but an excuse to improve our WiFi network wouldn’t be a bad thing either. Text quality is as important as photo quality, although I’d hope after all this time that we’d see an improvement on both. This is for a small home office. I remember VOCs being an issue with laser printers when I was last looking back in 2008. Is that still a concern in a setting like that?

Thanks for your help.