Recommendation needed: Small AirPrint compatible printer

Occasionally, I find that I need to print a page or two for personal use. Therefore, I’m in the market for a printer that I will use once in a while to printe a page or two.

I’m looking for a small printer to fit that is compatible with AirPrint and, which (and here’s the catch), runs on battery.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Take a look at the battery-powered models in the Epson WF line and the Canon Pixma line. But beware that little inkjet units with tiny ink reservoirs will end up costing a lot for consumables.

This small $149 Canon model does AirPrint:

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I have a Canon ip110 and it’s served me well. But the ink does seem to need replacing more often than I’d like. But it’s a great little lightweight space-saving printer.

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+1 for Canon pixmas, for footprint and print quality.

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Canon Selphy was the best postcard printer using dye sublimation. However, Canon no longer support Mac 64 bit operating systems. That means you cannot print from a MacBook. You have to print via Mopria app from a smartphone. Basically a disaster that Canon no longer support Mac OS.

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Why can they not be bothered to support 64-bit?