Recommendations for a basic ~50” flat screen TV

We would like to replace a 10+ year old 47” Vizio flat screen TV. We are looking for a basic and reliable TV into which we can plug in our Roku and external speaker.

I’d love to hear product recommendations and resources which could help us make a wise decision. I’m not up on all the latest technology and have no desire for it.

I look forward to hearing responses and guidance from some of you. Thank you

I think OLED is worth the price. I have a LG OLED and the picture is great. If you need off-axis viewing it can be viewed from almost the side.

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Check out the HDTVTest channel on YouTube. Vincent knows his stuff.

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I have used website in the past for testing and reviews. Might be worth a look for you…

I know this is probably not the way to make good decisions, but I just go to Sam’s Club and see what’s on sale in the size/price range I’m looking at. If you’re not picky about TV tech, the electronics repair guys I’ve talked to basically say that the build quality is pretty similar across all brands - it’s just a matter of features.

And for practicality, look at the remote. We got a TV once that has no mute button. The TV is great - you just have to turn it all the way down manually. :slight_smile:

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Thanks all. I appreciate the guidance.

A question about what the real world differences are between 60hz vs 120hz refresh rates came up. The latter seems the way technology is headed. However also adds several hundred dollars the the price tag. How important would you rate aiming for 120hz?

For us who are using a 1080p TV - which is not compatible for Apple TV programs anymore - I am fairly confident that we will experience a big leap.

Here’s an article:

But I gotta say, around here “several hundred dollars” doubles the price of a perfectly-fine entry-level 50-55" TV. IMHO, if you’re chasing “where technology is headed”, the odds are good the money you save would be better spent upgrading your TV again in 4-5 years. That is, as long as you’re not super-picky TV watchers. :slight_smile:

I have no issues watching AppleTV+ shows on my 1080p Sony Bravia. We are using the AppleTV HD box. Did not see any difference in picture or sound quality when I tried the AppleTV 4k box (connected the 4k box by accident after we had moved).

The two LG 2020 models upstairs have AppleTV+ built in to their Smart system, but we have to use the 4k boxes to get DirectTV Now channel. Both were purchased at Target during a sale. Went in for one and left with two…