Recommendations for a Simple Fitness Wearable?

Hi all,

My dad’s birthday is coming up and he’s almost 70. He’s been on a diet and has lost a few pounds and I thought he might especially enjoy a pedometer-type shiny toy for tracking his steps.

I need something not at all complicated because he’s across the country and not technically savvy at all. His phone is an Android, his computer is ancient, if those things factor into your recommendation. I’m also open to app recommendations if there’s one that’s great for this. He definitely carries his phone everywhere but he’s always forgetting his glasses.


Fitbit Inspire HR (or non HR if he doesn’t need that).

Well prices, small, lasts about 5 days on a charge. I love mine. I have an Apple Watch that I still use to track runs, but I like wearing my mechanical watches. So the FitBit is on my other wrist all the time. Love it!

I’d look at the $79 Amazfit Bip. You can go up to 30 days on a single 2.5-hour charge, and it has heart-rate and activity tracking, sleep monitoring, GPS, and Bluetooth. It comes with a 30-day trial/guarantee.

I wear a Fitbit charge 2. I like mine.