Recommendations for a Twitter client

I’m looking for recommendations for a new Twitter client…I mostly read rather than post. I’d like to find a client for iPad, iPhone and Mac will keep my read-threads synchronized so I can pick up on a different device at the same place…sort of a Twitter Continuity client. Anyone have some good apps they could recommend? Thanks!

Twitterrific is what I use and it syncs very well. I’m sure someone can speak more to how the changes in Twitter’s API May be changing it soon.

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I’ve bought both Twitterrific and Tweetbot for Mac and iOS and I prefer Tweetbot on both. They’re both great though.

Most third-party clients (including both Tweetbot and Twitterrific) utilize an API called Tweet Marker. tl;dr it syncs your position across devices, even if you’re using, say, Twitterrific on Mac and Tweetbot on your iPhone.

There are gonna be some changes that comes in August that a bunch of third party devs are raising awareness on. More details can be found on their site. For basic reading experience, it shouldn’t break anything too bad, though notifications will almost certainly get worse. The only way it could screw with your described use case is if this update somehow breaks tweet marker (which I’ve seen no one suggest).

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I’ve tried several and no matter which one I try I always go back to tweetbot. It just works well. Others don’t sync correctly or if you’re away it doesn’t get you to a reasonable point in your timeline. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Another vote for Tweetbot. I’ve been using it on Mac and iOS for years and have never felt the need to switch to anything else.

Tweetbot is great just hope it’s not too hindered once Twitter enforce their demands on third party devs.

Timeline sync, muting people and words and streaming is why I use it. Also no ads.

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I’m using Tweetbot but I wish they would implement image description when adding photos. Twitterrific has it and I don’t plan on buying another Twitter client for Mac and iOS.

Yet another vote for Tweetbot. I use it on both the Mac and iPad and love it.

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Tweetbot on the Mac and iOS, Chirp on Apple watch.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the feedback…Twitterific looked great, but I opted for Tweetbot for the Mac/iOS cross-platform syncing.

—> John

Is the cross platform syncing different than remembering location across lists and devices? I thought twitterrific does that (I can pick up where I left off in the iOS and macOS apps), but I don’t want to misguided.

Twitterrific does that as well yes. Tweetbot and Twitterrific can even sync with each other if you opt to use Tweet Marker to sync for both (rather than iCloud).

Oh that’s cool! Thanks for the clarification, I just didn’t want to be giving incorrect info out lol.