Recommendations for Homekit Secured Video External Camera

I am looking for a solution where we can have the Homekit secured video. I like the privact aspects of that. I see so many products out there but I would like to know what experience any one has or recommends. It would be wireless.

Thanks in advance!

Well, I recently got the Arlo Ultra 2 cameras with the BaseStation. I must say, once installed, it does work quite well. Video quality is excellent. The BaseStation has a slot for some type of SD-card (micro?) that allows you to keep recordings locally. Of course, they budle 3 free months of their service, so I am still using the cloud storage option. Will probably go for some plan with them going forward too, out of sheer convenience (and a few added features, most importantly detecting motion in only part of the frame).

I do get lots of notifications when the system is “Armed”, and it works well enough. Getting it online though, was less than fun. HomeKit integration was also tricky, as they seem to ship with an outdated certificate, and only a call to their support can issue a new “token”.

Now that it’s up and running it works well, but be prepared for spending time troubleshooting. I’m still trying to add my Arlo Wireless Doorbells to HomeKit. They are also connected to the same BaseStation, so you’d THINK it would all “just work”, but alas…

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It might be a stupid question, but if it is wireless, how long is the battery working?

Never a stupid question. :slight_smile: It varies among manufacturers. 6 months to a year.