Recommendations for iPad keyboard case?

I have a 5th generation 9.7" iPad. I’m thinking about using it as a second “laptop” (my main device is a 2015 13" MacBook Pro) and would like to buy an integrated keyboard/case for it. I see on that Logitech has a “Slim Folio Case with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad.” Can anyone recommend this or some other integrated keyboard/case that they enjoy using? What does David use? Thanks!

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my wife uses exactly that case , works very good for her , she did already half of her PHD with it for the past three years .

its kind of bulky although key travel and usability are good enough .

i use apples own keyboard on an ipad pro (which has a special connector for it . i think that is what david is using …

I can’t recommend an integrated case because I just don’t like the keyboards; I instead used Apple’s Magic Keyboard, carried in a sleeve). I can only vouch for the non-keyboard Khomo iPad cases, which you can pick up on Amazon for around $14-$15.

If you haven’t already looked, I’d suggest looking at Wirecutter’s recommendations for iPad keyboard cases.

I have so far steered away from the keyboard/case combos and instead have a leather sleeve for my iPad Pro and then carry an Apple Magic Keyboard with a Canopy keyboard cover which folds out to be an iPad stand. Works amazingly well if you can afford to carry two separate bits of kit. More here: My Lifestack.

Hi Robert, we have the exact same kit (I even have the same laptop!). I started a discussion about iPad cases here:

I was specifically interested in detachable cases but I’m still on the fence about that. I haven’t bought anything right now. I’m leaning towards the Logitech but I’d like to pick it up when I’m next in the US, as I don’t like the European keyboard layout.

I am working exactly the same way, Leather sleeve for the 12.9, the canopy case and the Magic Keyboard. Have you tried the new folio case ?, does it type any better ?. The only thing I don’t like with the Canopy setup is the carrying around the two items and then the setup. Yes I realize it is 10 seconds to setup, but if I could have the same typing experience with the folio, I would go that route

I have the “older” iPad Pro (10.5) but haven’t tried the new folio case - if I switch out my iPad next year to a 11" I think I’ll probably go with that option as it saves on carrying two items (as you say).
My other dilemma is I often use Elevation Lab’s DraftTable when using my Pencil at my desk, and I can’t easily slide my keyboard in front of that as it’s attached to the Canopy case - 1st world problems I know but I’m tempted to get a separate Apple keyboard as 50% of my iPad time is now on the DraftTable.

Depending on how attached you are to the Magic Keyboard, you might consider another non-Apple keyboard for use with the Draft Table. In your shoes I’d be tempted to get a big, clicky, mechanical keyboard for use on the desk and reserve the Magic Keyboard in the Canopy for mobile use.

I have considered going for a non-Apple [mechanical] keyboard but I prefer the compact look of the Magic Keyboard and being able to preserve some more desk real estate in the office - one to ponder though, thanks.