Recommendations for iPad Pro stand

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I’ve just taken delivery of a Keychron K8 keyboard so that I can use it across both my MacBook Pro and iPad.

The MacBook is all set up and good to go, but I’d really like to find a decent iPad stand that I can use while typing too. I’ve had a look at places like twelve south, but their stands seem to be primarily focused on a stand that puts the iPad in a portrait position, whereas I’d really like one that is focused on a portrait layout, as I’d imagine that’s how I’ll be doing most of my work.

Thanks a lot for any thoughts/suggestions!

A budget one is this, which is decent and recommended by Jason Snell.

If you want to use Pencil, then this Parblo PR10 is a great choice.

The best budget is no object option is a monitor arm and a Ergotron tablet mount.

By the way, the Hover Bar seems to rotate as well. But at that price there really shouldn’t be any plastic parts.

UK links:

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Hey @SuperTachyon - thanks a lot for the feedback and the time spent posting the UK links!

Simple and sturdy.

I have this case which works well enough as a stand. I have tried it with a keyboard and it did fine.

I have this Durable mount for my iPad Pro 12.9" - a bit smaller than a fullsize VESA compatible monitor arm. Works great for my use, but I do detach it when I need to work with the Pencil.

Durable tablet holder with desk clamp, YouTube video

It is not clear from your comment whether you prefer the portrait or landscape orientation, but the Twelve South Hover Duo handles both equally well.

The Hover Bar Duo is almost entirely metal, very heavy duty and well-constructed. The base, arms, hinge joints and ball joint are metal. Only the actual spring-loaded iPad clasp is plastic.

My wife and I received our Hover Bar Duo a few days ago. We were both pleasantly surprised at the quality and functionality. It’s rare these days to find such high-quality items. Highly recommended, and worth the price.


+1 for the Hover Bar Duo

I’m always tempted by stuff from 12South it looks good and seems well made, but I’ve always been disappointed with the quality of their products. I have their original iPad stand, the Compass, and while the build quality is good, the stand has fallen over if I touch the iPad wrong. The back leg that holds it up is too loose and has been since I bought it. I should have retuned it.

Another disappointing product is the AirFly Pro. It’s hard to set up and I have to go through the setup process whenever I get new headphones or a new device. One can’t just add another device and the replace an existing one. The device needs a factory reset and both the TX and RX need to be paired again. Again I should have returned it.

I recently bought a new iPad and am looking for a better stand. I’m a bit leery about 12south stuff after those experiences and the reviews never say anything negative, until now: A Review of the Twelve South HoverBar Duo – The Sweet Setup

I am not a huge fan of the Hover Bar Duo. The arm is metal but the joints are plastic. The whole clasp is plastic and I do not like the design of it. It is difficult to get in and out of it, and the tightening bolt is too small and feels cheap.

Also, it’s easy to get it in a spot where it tips. The clamp would be a nice touch, but it requires tools to swap, so you can’t quickly go between the base and the clamp. It is also not great for typing because it will shake.

For the price I think it is very meh. Computer monitor vesa arms aren’t much more in price and are higher quality than this thing.

Edit: I should add, that if you just went to set it up somewhere to display something, it works well enough in use. I had a video call and I wanted to make sure I had perfect lighting so I used it with my iPad in front of a window and it worked very well. Except my cat jumped on the table it was on and the whole thing shook. :slight_smile:

This has been my main concern for the Hover Bar as well: the moving parts are plastic.

Sorry, just getting caught up on this.

Thanks for the thoughts on the Hover Duo. I should have made it clear that I was ideally looking for something more in landscape mode, but it sounds interesting so I’ll have another look.

Thanks again all