Recommendations for note app with password protection?

Can anyone recommend a good note-taking app with macOS and iOS versions that will allow you to password-protect the entire app? Ideally, I’d like to be able to enter a PIN to unlock the app. I know you can lock notes in Apple’s Notes app but I don’t want to have to remember to lock particular notes. I want to be able to assume that the entire app and all the notes it contains is locked. I use 1Password and it has a Note feature but I don’t want my notes mixed in with website passwords, credit card numbers, and the like. I just want an app that I can lock that will contain nothing buy private notes. Currently I’ve been using Notational Velocity on my Mac and SimpleNote on my iPhone but they’ve stopped syncing since I switched to iOS 12. The Bear app is really nice but locking/encryption is still on their future features list.

Thanks for your recommendations!

The Day One app could be a good fit. It’s a beautifully-crafted app and you can optionally add a password to control access to your data.


Thank you. I have Day One but it’s really for journaling. I appreciate the suggestion!

I’ve discovered an app called Standard Notes that looks promising. I’ll be trying it out shortly.

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You’re welcome, @robertf. I’ve heard of people using Day One as a more general-purpose note taking app as well. It is pretty feature rich and includes features like tagging, multiple journals, and Markdown support.

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It’s a separate area in the app, with all notes just a click away, so I don’t see the issue. (shrug) Besides, with 1P you know you’re getting a regularly supported and maintained app, and that the password security is actually good.

I don’t know of any other cross-platform apps that do what you want besides Standard Notes, which bills you $150 for a three year subscription if you want Mac/iOS sync.

The iOS-only app TextKraft has a password.

Personally I use 1Password and Apple Notes for protected notes.

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Why not create a Notes journal in Day One?

OneNote with or without office 365 subscription