Recommendations for setting up a separate account on MacOS for presentations/work?

Hi all! Newish Mac user here, picked an M1 up several weeks ago.

I’m a teacher and I’d like to use this Mac (which is also my personal laptop) for work and teaching and stuff. What I’d like to do is set up a separate user account that I use just for work and when I’m in front of the classroom that is divorced from all my personal stuff on the Mac. The only “personal” things I would be interested in accessing on the work account would probably be Apple Music and MAYBE Apple Notes.

Any recommendations on this process? I know it seems rudimentary, but I want to make sure do this in the most optimal way!

Would work exactly as you describe.

Create a second user (not admin, different password) log in same iCloud account but only activate Notes and not calendar. email, address book etc under Internet Accounts in System Preferences. Probably would also activate iCloud Drive for access to your files in both accounts. Alternatively setup a separate sync folder in Dropbox with just the files you need, so you don’t run the risk of exposing personal files on your work account. Play around with work email/calendar and personal email/calendar in case you need a email/calendar in both accounts

Activate fast user switching to quickly jump between the accounts if needed.


Thank you! Really appreciate it. Glad I was on the right track, but also thrilled an experienced Mac user could confirm and make sure I wasn’t missing anything.