Recommendations for SVG file viewer?

Can anyone recommend an application for viewing SVG files that works like the Lyn application? I want to be able to open a folder that contains image files of various formats including SVG and see what each image looks like. Lyn doesn’t support SVG. I know I can view them in Finder and switch to “as Gallery” but that just gives me a tiny row of all the images which are hard to see. I’ve tried Gapplin but it only seems to work on individual SVG files and I don’t want to have to open every SVG file individually with Gapplin to see what’s in it. Thanks for your help!


I just open them in a browser. Not sure if that helps


Adobe Bridge


I just open in browser also.

Personally, I just use Finder and Quick Look.

Enable the status bar in Finder (⌘/), switch to icon view, and you can set the icons large or small enough for almost any task. Sometimes I just blow up the icons and forego a preview altogether.

For a large preview with smaller icons, in any Finder view, just click a file once and hit the space bar to bring up a Quick Look window almost instantly. You can move and resize the Quick Look window to any size you wish, and switch files while it still open by either clicking another file once or using the arrow keys. You can even navigate to a different folder, move the Finder window, or switch apps and come back to Finder. Quick Look will remain open until you dismiss it with either the space bar again or with Esc.

There are even plugins for Quick Look, such as the shortlist below, to extend it beyond its native formats to things like markdown or zip files.

It’d say it’s quite rare for me to find a quicker method of browsing anything that Quick Look supports.

Another (rather geekish) approach - if you want to convert the SVG to something else - is to write a Python program that converts the SVG to a bitmap (eg PNG). The CairoSVG package does that. (Way off topic now but in my md2pptx project I do that to support embedding an SVG in a PowerPoint presentation so I can attest to it being fairly easy to use and flexible in the dimensions of the output.)

I saw this but I’m hesitant to even download it as it gets so many bad reviews. Sounds like it was not very well developed.

Thanks but not quite what I’m looking for. I don’t want to have to click on each image individually and open it in my browser to see what it is. I want to open a folder and scan all the images at one go.

Thanks. Sometimes this works but I also receive a lot of SVG files that just show up as blank white in Finder. I’m not sure why that is. It’s only when I open them with Gapplin that I can see what’s really in them.

I’m still not clear if ultimately you want to render these SVG images as eg PNG files.

If so - with a folder of files - it might well be worthwhile to write a Python / CairoSVG program to do it.

Then use Finder or Preview to decide which to delete and which to keep.

In Finder you can change image dimensions using the slider:
Don’t remember largest image dimensions, but I’m sure if you move the slider all the way to the right, the images will be displayed larger than 400x400, good enough to avoid any workaround or the need for an additional app.

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