Recommendations for Tech RSS ARTICLE sources?

There has been a lot posted about RSS and RSS Readers.

This is NOT about RSS and Readers per se.

My question is what sources of information/articles do you recommend to add to one’s RSS Reader? I ask because I’ve found some sources to post too often with often redundant information, an example would be 9to5Mac, and others. I don’t want 50+ articles from a single source each week. I want a few good articles that are less about the latest news or rumors and more about recommendations, “how to” etc.

I currently subscribe to:

  • Being Productive
  • MacSparky
  • MacStories
  • Shawn Blanc
  • The Sweet Setup
  • Ulysses Blog

What sources to you recommend I add to my RSS Reader?

Jason Snell and Dan Morten’s site, Six Colors is a good follow. I also like Daring Fireball, but that might be a bit too opinionated for some. Michael Tsai’s site is also good, but often quite technical.

The problem is that all these Apple sites tend to cover the same stuff. Like @ismh posted about bringing back dashboard, and every Apple site I follow linked to it. That happens a lot. It’s not a huge problem, it just means there no point in following too many of these blogs.

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I don’t mind opinions as long as they are thoughtfully and respectfully offered. :grinning:

Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll add them and see what I think.

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I agree with @Leeabe51 most Apple only sites report the same news. IMO, pick one and you’re probably not going to miss anything on Apple.

For general tech news I subscribe to, (a 50+ site)
and for a different take on things,

For security news,

And for the occasional interesting discussion,

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Most Apple blogs (IMO, the ones mentioned above, included) are opinions about Apple, and rehashes of the trend of the day, not news. They are more fanzines than substantive.

For tech new I prefer sites such as IEEE Spectrum.

I also like to read a16z’s Future, and I subscribe to Ben Evan’s (former a16z partner) newsletter.

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a16z looks interesting, thanks. So does ieee but I’ve cut back on tech news since I’ve retired.

Thanks for the great recommendations, I’ve already added several of them to my RSS reader.

For Apple-specific coverage I also subscribe to MacStories. Recently removed The Sweet Setup as I felt their content didn’t have much substance.


Non-Apple specific:


Six Colors and TidBITS are the only tech feeds I subscribe to.

TidBITS certainly won’t bombard you with posts. They don’t do rumors, and they generally aren’t repeating the same coverage you’ll see everywhere else. I’d recommend going to the site and browsing through the past few months of headlines to see if their coverage appeals to you.

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It’s an old site, but still surfaces interesting articles that I might not otherwise notice. I subscribe the main page feed, but all of the subtopic pages have their own feed too in case you want to drill down or not follow certain broad topics like politics.


Good one. There was a time I checked /. every day. Just added it to Feedly.