Recommendations for Typing and Writing Apps for iPad for kids

I can’t seem to find any quality apps for learning to type or handwriting. Any suggestions for apps that would help out a 4, 5, and 7 y/o would be helpful. Either for an iPad or Mac would be great. I appreciate any help.

For typing, I really like Epistory, but I haven’t procreated, so don’t know if it’s age appropriate.

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That looks awesome! I might have to buy it for myself. Does it have a mode that teaches how to type or is it just straight into the game?

Been a while, but I recall it starts you off gently with a few home-row characters, then gradually adds others in. You kind of learn to type without being aware of it.
I used it to get used to one of the ergo keyboards that I bought.

I was going to try it out and let you know, but seem to have lost my license.

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