Recommendations for USB-C HDMI + VGA + Audio Out dongle for iPad Pro 2018?

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a dongle that works with the new iPad for presenting and can connect a 3.5 mm connection. I found hub by Lenov that has all sorts of extra features, but one review mentioned that the audio out doesn’t work for the iPad Pro. Has anyone had any luck?

I have Apples USB-C to hdmi and USB-C to vga, but neither has an audio out. Would love to just have one dongle… or hub.

I should have named this thread “One Dongle to Rule them All”…

I assume this cable from Apple will work with any hub:

Worth a test. It does make me worry that the audio out didn’t work on the hub by Lenovo. I know I can’t be the only one who does presentations with sound. There must be a way

I’d also like one USB-C dongle to rule them all :laughing:

Thanks to this Macrumors article, I’ve just found out about these two USB-C dongles, designed for the iPad Pro. Have you seen/considered them?

I’ve just backed the (fast-selling) early bird $49 pledge for the HyperDrive, as that has SD card slots in addition to the USB-A, HDMI, USB-C, and 3.5mm audio … and I didn’t want to have to plug a USB SD reader dongle into my USB-C dongle!

I’ll report back in however many weeks/months it takes for delivery :grimacing: :roll_eyes:

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Thanks! Unfortunately neither has a vga connection :cry:

Oops - sorry; I missed that bit! :disappointed:

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it’s okay, we can dream though

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Did anyone ever figure this out?

Hi Phillip, I didn’t fine a clean solution. The only thing I was able to figure out is connecting the iPad to a bluetooth receiver and then connecting the systems 3.5mm jack into the receiver. I played aorund with the TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter and Receiver (

Luckily my current classrooms have had hdmi. So I was able to get sound that way.

I never figured out a solution to this that actually seems reasonable. I just learned a bout this usb to audio out dongle. I’m going to try it with the vga adapter (that has a usb plug) and report back.

All the vga audio out dongles on amazon say they don’t work with iPad Pro. I found a YouTube video that found one that work but it was only for sale in the UK and Germany and now is sold out.

So so frustrating :frowning: