Recommendations for USB C Hub Adapter Dock

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a USB C Hub Adapter Dock for MacBook Air M1?

I’m using an Anker 8in1. Gigabit ethernet, 4k60 HDMI, SD cards micro and full size, 2xUSB 3 5gbps (at least), type C USB 3.1 10gbps, and a separate type C PD input. It uses 15W of power from the power supply which is a bit annoying with the stock apple 30W charger (it just charges slowly, but I have a 45W minix neo p1 anyway so it’s not a problem), and it never feels 100% reliable, perhaps 99%, but it has the right mix of features and is portable.

This one works well for me and my girlfriend.
No Ethernet.

Why do people overlook the “hub” built into many monitors? For example, if you want to ditch your Mac’s power brick and plug in a few other things besides, you could get the excellent LG UltraFine 4K monitor that Apple sells.

(I know, I know … people already have a monitor or this monitor is not big enough, etcetera … etcetera.)