Recommendations for video with slide presentations

I need to record videos while going through slides for a graduate course I’m teaching for the first time online. What is the best application for this? I’m thinking of Screenflow. I have not done this before so any recommendations and advice will be appreciated!

If you mean record your screen, QuickTime does this, too, I think. Also Capto, which is cheaper than ScreenFlow and part of Setapp, but with less bells and whistles.

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My uni provides Bluejeans (which apparently “is the world’s leader in cloud video conferencing” that no one ever mentions). They use it for streaming seminar talks, meetings, etc. It is also integrated into Canvas, our learning management system.

I kicked the tires yesterday, recording myself and sharing or not sharing my screen and video. It worked well, was pretty low friction (especially compared to webex, which I used to attend a session later in the day). Bluejeans has affordable monthly pricing, with varying levels for hours you can record and store, etc.

My wife’s school is using Loom.

I use Camtasia for this and it works pretty well. I then export to YouTube so it can auto caption it.

I’m using the built in screen recording solution. Nice and simple but no cursor highlighting.

Thanks everyone, much appreciated. I think I’m going with Screenflow.