Recommendations of an Airplay adapter for my 2007 Yamaha Audio Reciever

Looking for an adapter to connect to my audio that will allow me to stream music or podcasts to it.

My solution was to use the optical out port on an airport express (way better audio than the headphone jack) and run it into an inexpensive external DAC (this is the one I bought).

Good how to article here.

There will be solutions that are cheaper and solutions that are much more expensive…


If your Yamaha has optical (toslink) input, older revisions of the Apple TV (not the current 4K) have optical out. Then you just need an optical cable to the receiver and you can Airplay to the Apple TV. So perhaps look on eBay for a used older model Apple TV that includes optical output.

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That’s kind of what I was thinking too.

I have used (and still use) 2nd generation apple airport express for audio only. The drawback is that they do not support playing multiple devices from an iOS device. However you can play to multiple devices from the Mac OS. You can pick these up for very cheap on eBay.

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I just saw this

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I was just going to post this! :joy: Good timing. Thank you.

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I use an old Apple TV with optical out to my old Onkyo amp - works great.