Recommendations - USB C Hub

Hi all

Looking for recommendations for a USB C hub for my iMac. What I want is

  • Multiple USB A slots - no SD Card, Ethernet, HDMI etc
  • Long cable
  • Preferably external powered

I currently have a hub velcroed behind the desk but it’s USB A and the iMac M1 only has USB-C.

All the hubs I’m looking either have a short built in cable (20cm or less) and a whole lot of ports I don’t want. This is just going out of sight to connect all my external peripherals


How about an adapter instead?


+1 to these. They work great.

Any reason you’re looking at USB-C instead of Thunderbolt 3?

I like Hypershop hubs, but these are multi port not just USB-A

Saw this yesterday. Elegant solution for new iMac:

If Thunderbolt/USB4 is an option, I use this and can highly recommend it.

If this is an M1 Mac, make sure to purchase a Hub that is designed for M1 processors. I purchased the OWC Thunderbolt 4 and it is great.

whichever is available - basically just going to hand some USB-A peripherals off the back

Clamp hub looks good - ships next month so just ordered one

I’ll +2 this since they come in colors and the Rose Gold matches my wife’s new Pink iMac. :smile:

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I have had the CalDigit Element Hub for several months and it works really well with my M1 Mac Mini.

4 ThunderBolt/USB-C and 4 USB-A.

It also charges almost anything.

so, I recently acquired an M1 Mac Mini and my OWC USB C dock does not seem to connect to it. Is that something to do with Thunderbolt 4? I have used it for a few years with my Thunderbolt 3-enabled MBP (2017 model) and it’s been flawless.

I obviously don’t need the power delivery, but I figured that it would work as a hub for other ports. When I plug it in, nothing happens. I was assuming it would be backward compatible. Maybe I am missing something?

I think the problem is related to the chip not the Thunderbolt version.