Recommended alternatives to MindNode for non-Mac/iOS users

I’m giving a short talk on how I use MindNode for course planning & curriculum development to my department at a university. People in my department tend to use what they are provided by default: A Windows PC and unlimited Google Drive, although some people have a MacBook and increasingly people have iPads. In any case, just to preemptively address questions from those who don’t work with OSX/iOS, does anyone have a recommendation for web (preferably) or Windows-based concept/mind-mapping software I can point to as an alternative? Thanks.

I believe Cmap might be familiar to some of your audience. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad. It’s a good product; easy to use. Though not as actively developed as some might want.


Thanks, I’ll include that.

MindManager is the real deal for Windows. Comes with real pricing too.


Thanks! I’ll add this one to the list as well.

iThoughts by toketaware is what I would suggest.


+1 for iThoughts. I just switched from mind node to iThoughts two month ago and I really like iThoughts on both iOS and Mac.

… and iThoughts is also available on Windows.

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iThoughts completely rocks. I actually prefer it to MindNode. Has more power features. Besides being on Mac and Windows and iOS, I think it’s also on Android. Best of all in your situation: there’s an academic discount. It costs $25 with no subscription. The developer is first rate. More here:

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I recommend XMind, which is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and on the web. It can connect to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. (I’ve only used the Mac version so can’t comment on the others.)

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Thanks @thealbs @DreamingVoid @anon41602260 — will add to the list!

Thanks—I myself am generally happy with the feature set of MindNode, but out of curiosity what power features are you referring to?

Thanks—will add to the list

@cwc There are several but some/all may not be relevant for you. As one example, iThoughts provides more useful keyboard shortcuts for viewing detail levels of a map. Simple to see only 1 level down, 2 levels down, etc. relative to Mindnode’s implementation which is more of a headache.

iThoughts can also be used as a planner with due dates, priority, resources needed, etc. For my purposes this is a great feature … maybe not relevant for you.

Can be used as presentation device where you define what each “slide” contains in terms of the presentation.

Much more flexibility in terms of layout styles. (Of course this great flexibility means learning a bit more about how it “thinks” about design … but very simple to learn.)

Lots of flexibility in terms of auto-numbering of nodes (if useful to you).

I’m sure I’m leaving features out, but hopefully this gives you an idea. And, of course, easy to share between iOS, Mac OS, and Windows … not a minor feature at all. I teach academic courses and the ability of students and I to easily share mind map work is indispensible.

Sorry for the late reply … I’ve been travelling.

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Thanks for sharing, @Mathew_T_Mitchell . I myself don’t have any issues with MindNode and use it everyday. Sure, it could be more feature rich in the ways you describe, but I still find its implementation of mind maps to be excellent ofr me. My request was for recommending a similar app for any colleagues who don’t use Macs in my department. That said, although I use mind maps with students, I don’t typically have them share them with me. It’s an interesting idea for my pedagogy, so thanks for that!