Recommended Apps, workflow for digital minimalism?

Hey guys,

Been trying for many years to find a way to intentionally use social media. I love the social connection but hate the infinity/doom-scrolling that happens as a result. I have tried many things including “Freedom”, Screentime, and now I am looking at upcoming (soon Iphone version to be released). My solution so far is to give my wife my screentime passcode to limit social media. My ideal case scenario would be to keep facebook /instagram/twitter but remove all the feeds. Anyone found any good apps or workflow to achieve this?

I find not having social media apps on my phone is best. The Facebook app - lord knows what it’s tracking, stealing from you, to say nothing of the battery drain and bloat.

Now that Elon has taken third party Twitter clients offline, I especially don’t use the Twitter app for anything - it’s awful. This makes it easier to take it off your phone.

Check the feeds once a day and limit yourself to 10 mins (or whatever), and then leave it.

One thing I’ve noticed with my own social media use; the less you use it, the less you want to use it. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. Your desire to stay away just grows and grows.


I have been using Freedom for years and it works as advertised.


Freedom is one of the only apps I have encountered that:

  • lives up to it’s name and company promise
  • actually, like really REALLY provides you with an option to prevent you from changing settings (or rebooting your computer) and circumventing Freedom settings
  • has great customer support.
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Freedom’s been a lifesaver for me as well, for the same reasons. Earlier on, I caught a few bugs and they were interested in the feedback and implemented fixes.

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