Recommended headset for conf calls

Like so many of you, I am on back-to-back conference calls. I find the Apple issued headphones die out after a while and the AirPods simply lose charge in the middle of an important transaction. What are some of the MPU headsets or headphones folks like? Thanks

I remember a thread to this effect on the FB page and the most common recommendation was still AirPods because of the quality, switching between two charging for the people who spent the whole day taking calls.

I telework most of the time, and so I am on private or conference calls at least half the working day. I use AirPods sometimes when I’m just walking around outside with the iPhone, but I use Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II most of the time because I’m at a desk with my laptop. The noise cancelling is excellent. The headphones are comfortable to wear, cordless, and the voice quality is excellent – what people hear from me and what I hear from them.

It was very pricey decision ($349 on Amazon), but if you’re going to be on the phone with your clients 60-80 hours a month or more, then do it. If you join Skype or other screen-share meetings, then pair with your Mac with Bluetooth, otherwise pair with the phone. When you turn on the QC35s they announce which devices you are paired with. I pair usually with my iPhone and Watch 3.

BTW, for me AirPods hold a charge a very long time. It’s easy to check their charge by cradling the two pieces, unlocking your phone, and flipping the AirPod case open. A panel pops open telling you the current charges of the pods and their case.

Only get Bluetooth headsets. I walk around the room a lot when I talk on the phone and tethered is ugly. Don’t know how many times I stood up and the tether flung my phone across the room or pulled the headset right out of the phone’s jack and dropped the call in mid-sentence. Sad! Ugh.

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+1 for the Bose QC35’s. Although my use case is primarily for airline travel, several people in my office use them for conference calls. The QC35 is one of the best investments I have made in the couple of years. I use Airpods quite a bit when I am in the office. I tend to pace a lot when on conference calls, and find the AirPods perfect for quickly activating and getting in some steps while on the phone.

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+1 for the Bose QC35. I use them all day every day. I’ve been working from home for 13 years and have had a Bose noise cancelling the entire time. The latest incarnation has great battery life (rechargeable), sound great, and feel very good (at least for me).

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Does anyone else find that trying to use Skype with a bluetooth headset results in absolutely horrid sound quality? (On a Mac) I’ve tried all kinds and as soon as I try to use Skype, the sound drops to something that sounds terrible. I don’t have that problem with USB dongle wireless headsets.

I have a pair of Bose QC35 headphones and use them frequently on airplanes. I had no idea these could be used for conference calls. I just pulled them out of my travel bag and made a call. Works perfectly. Love this group! Thanks!

I have a Plantronics Voyager UC 5200 headset, which is Skype for Business compatible. It comes with a charging case and a USB dongle. Call quality is very good and it does well at noise cancelling. It’s also very light, 6 hours battery life and can also be used with my phone.


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