Recommended Safari Extensions?

The 1Password for Safari extension is awesome!

Which other iOS/iPadOS 15 Safari extensions do you recommend?

I’m particularly interested in “dark mode” extensions. So far I only tried the (free) Turn off the lights for Mobile extension. Looks pretty good after the page has been converted, but the bright flashing when surfing (before a page is converted) is super annoying. Do other (paid?) “dark mode” extensions perform better?

I use 1Password on iOS, which is really nice. So far, I’ve not found others but I am looking.

On macOS, also Downie (for downloading YouTube videos), 1Blocker, ProWritingAid and the Reeder extension for their read it later service.

Isn’t this only available on Safari for macOS?

While it would be nice to have it on iOS, I guess Apple’s policy for App Store would not be as nice to it, though.

Yes, sorry I misread the title and listed MacOS extensions I use! I’ve edited the post.

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While 1Password looks the more obvious, the one I’m enjoying the most is Grammarly. I would say it’s an essential tool for a non-native English speaker like myself.


Adblock and Tineye (nowadays called ImageFinder).

I’d like to see more extensions, but I’m not really sure what I miss… :thinking:

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Super Agent is interesting for getting rid of many cookie banners/walls.

StopTheMadness stops sites from overriding browser features, removes tracking url parameters, blocks autoplay, etc.

GoodLinks extension on iOS/iPadOS 15 is nice. Not much different than the sharesheet but still nice.

For dark mode I’ve tried Noir and Dark Reader. For now I prefer Noir as it follows the system settings, and it bypasses websites that have native dark mode support.

I’ve also installed StopTheMadness and Tweaks for Twitter by the same developer. They both work very well.

Vidmote works well for better controlling html5 videos.

I tried some others like HyperWeb and Web Inspector. But they didn’t stay due to privacy policies or bugginess.

Currently trialing Nitefall. Way better than “Turn off the lights”!

Maybe I should try Noir as well?

I think it’s worth a try for the auto switching and auto bypassing websites with native dark modes.

Bought Noir, but unfortunately it performs worse than Nitefall.

However, it has an option to report bugs, so let’s hope the author can fix the ones I reported.

I am considering Dark Reader because the extension supports both macOS and iOS. In addition they have extension support for edge, Firefox and chrome. It does also appear they have been doing this for sometime.

@SuperTachyon to confirm, are you suggesting that if a website has dark mode implemented, Dark Reader causes issues and if such, what kind of issues ?

Btw, is there a way to see all the safari extensions on the App Store ?

Dark Reader just applies its own theme even if the site has its own.

You can turn off Dark Reader on a per-site basis (though it doesn’t do it automatically).

1Blocker, Apollo for Reddit, Goodlinks are all excellent.

I just found Hyperweb and think it’s amazing but wondering how it’s free?

It’s got a subscription model.

You’re right I just found it :man_facepalming:

I guess I didn’t hit the limit since the default features already do a bang up job!

And I’d say that subscription price is rather steep.