Recommending Analog system to the group

I purchased the Analog a couple of months ago - I love it. I’ve been making a daily task list on index cards for years, love the way Analog keeps them front and center for me in a slick wooden dock.

I use it very simply, just list 5-7 tasks on each card and cross them off when done. I’ll use the Next or Someday cards as scratch pads. I did extend the system a bit by printing a 18hr schedule on the back of the card where I timeblock my entire day. This allows me to have both my daily task list and a time blocked schedule all on one card in front of me all day.

I have to say, I don’t love the paper they use - my fountain pens feather on it quite a bit. But I’ll keep another pen on my desk till I use up all of the included cards.

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This, I’m probably going to eventually replace the cards with some Nock versions that don’t feather. Also glad to know it’s not just me that is annoyed by the feathering! Too bad I have like 3 boxes of cards to get through…ah well, it’s an excuse to use my pre-fountain pen pens. :slight_smile:


Has anyone used Notsu cards? They’re a little expensive here in the UK since presumably they’re imported but good reviews about the quality of card.

Or other suggestions?

I used standard 3x5 cards to jot down to do’s that came up when I was at work but not in my office.

Depending on their importance they ended up being completed immediately, entered in my task list, or taped to the whiteboard in my office so I could tell frequent complainers that it was on my “priority list” :grinning:


Baronfig sells 100 cards for $10 (I use these).

Amazon has a well-reviewed set of cards that is $10.99 for 200 cards (I have not tried these - yet).

Thanks! Baronfig looks like a possibility, and they do ship to the UK (although that costs a bit… still less expensive than Notsu and Analog.)

Given the tool is new to me, I might follow @WayneG , use some 3x5 cards I have had for a while and if I find the process useful treat myself to an upgrade!