Record Keeping Options

What is the best case workflow for record keeping?

Background - all business related items are processed on the business credit card (hosting, email, servers, storage, domains, etc) In terms of record keeping, what’s the best solution?

  1. Relying on and archiving the business credit card statement only.


  1. Is it better to download each invoice for each segment? (i.e. if Amazon sends you an invoice monthly for using it cloud system. Download each invoice and record it. (same goes for any other monthly service) and then of course either 1) organize by year then by type (2020, Amazon) or 2) skip year, just use Amazon and then have the proper numbering for the invoices.

What do you do?!

I download each invoice and reference with the cc statement nr.
This way I can reconcile each both ways.

Importing them into DevonThink make linking them all and searching them very easy.

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I verify the credit card statement each month with my own invoices but then only archive the statement.

I download / scan every invoice. Use a good naming convention and just a few folders to save them.

The most important thing you have to do is to OCR everything!

Looking for that $81.33 receipt will be effortless :+1: