Recording FaceTime with Piezo on Mojave

I often have to record phone calls (as part of my research – of course informed consent all around in these instances and whatnot). I’ve been using Ecamm call recorder with FaceTime to record a phone call made from my phone via my Mac using FaceTime.

This has worked very well, but Ecamm just announced that they have no definite plans to support FaceTime in Mojave, so I need another solution (because I’m unwilling to linger at High Sierra longer than necessary).

Has anyone had a chance to test out Rogue Amoeba’s Piezo with FaceTime in Mojave? I recently nuked my Mojave drive and haven’t re-installed it yet to use a trial version of Piezo on it. Your suggestions are appreciated!

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Thanks for the heads up about the lack of compatibility of Ecamm call recorder for FaceTime with Mojave.

To answer your question, no I haven’t tested Piezo on Mojave.

As a side note, since I’m using my iMac to run my business, I always stay 1 version behind the latest macOS version.

So I’m still happily running macOS Sierra and will be upgrading to High Sierra soon. There is still 1 app I heavily rely upon that is not yet compatible with High Sierra, so I’m in the process of migrating to another solution altogether.

And since Apple offers security updates for the last 3 macOS versions, there’s no real incentive to upgrade to the very latest one, as stability and security are more important to me than having access to the latest and greatest features.

Just my opinion.

Just heard from the folks at Rogue Amoeba. They said Piezo does not currently support FaceTime in Mojave, but they are actively working to bring Mojave support (unlike Ecamm who, it sounds like, have given up).

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