Recover data from old transporter sync drive

Does anyone know of a utility that can pull data off an old transporter sync drive? My transporter sync died around the same time that they stopped supporting it. I’ve held onto the old drive as a project and I’ve finally got the time to look into the problem. Any ideas on a utility I can run to recover the data? Thanks!!

The Transporter used ext as the file system; I don’t recall which version, eg ext2, ext3, or ext4. I think it was ext2 but again I may be wrong in the version.

The ext file system is commonly used under Linux. If you have access to a Linux system you could mount the drive there and copy off the contents.

Alternatively, there are a number of ext solutions for MacOS including utilities to mount ext file systems directly or under FUSE, or you could install Linus into a virtual machine.

If you google you will find a lot of links. However, I have not tried any of these solutions to know which work best.

Ext4. So you could boot any PC with a live Linux distro or set up Linux in a VM on your Mac and be able to read the file system.

Hi, My Transporter died about a month ago. I was able to see the contents via EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard application with my MAC but the content was not in folders and the names of most of the files were changed. Plus this app is $89.

Thank you for the other solution ideas!


Perhaps someone knows of additional solutions.

My Transporter does not recognize the drive any longer. A mac just does not read the disk, just wants to eject or initialize.

I have tried MacFuse: It does not see or mount the drive. I am on a 2013 power book pro with Mojave.

I have tried exFS by Paragon: “failed to mount drive” also tried their repair. It lists the drives as ext3.

I have tried Virtual box with Kali Linux: Could not find the drive. Though I did not try starting up just in Virtual box with no mac os running. (if possible??)

I tried Homebrew with ext4fuse installed. It would find the disk and partitions and it would show some unknown folders but they were all locked (permissions) and showed zero bytes. I don’t think it showed any of the old file structure.

Homebrew showed the disks:
0: FDisk_partition_scheme *2.0 TB disk2
1: Linux 1000.0 MB disk2s1
2: Linux 999.3 MB disk2s2
3: Linux 2.0 GB disk2s3
4: Linux 2.0 TB disk2s4

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard application does show the files as recoverable, but the file/folder hierarchy is not in place and most of the file names are all different than originals. For example, photos that may have been named 1234.jpg and in folders by date are now in a named after the camera such as "FujiFilm_finepix_12234455667.jpg and in a folder name Fujifilm or Nikon etc…

I also tried a windows and chrome computer, but I am not too familiar yet to find out if they will work or not, but the disk did not mount automatically.

If anyone can point me in another direction please let me know.

Thank you!



FYI. I was able to access the drive via a Synology NAS.