Recs for a macOS ssh tool?

What tool do you like? Thanks!

I just use the built in Terminal app and mosh (for servers I have admin access on) installed via Homebrew. If on a server that doesn’t have mosh, I use the generic command line ssh client that comes with macOS


vandyke SecureCRT The best so far.


I use iTerm2 - macOS Terminal Replacement.


I use Core Shell which is included in Setapp at the moment.

I am going to try Termius next.

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The ssh that’s part of macOS (on the command line, in iTerm2)

What extra functionality do you need?


What is an “ssh tool”?

Do you mean a terminal emulator? In that case, I use iTerm2 (and its predecessors) on a daily basis.


Great thread, thanks, everyone!

On iOS/iPadOS I use Blink.

I know several users hope this tool gets ported to macOS (but I don’t understand why they want this).

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Putty is one more option.

not for a mac it’s not

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more fun than functional: GitHub - Swordfish90/cool-retro-term: A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display...

This is going to sound snarky and it’s absolutely not intended to be, but I can’t work out a way to write it that doesn’t sound snarky :slight_smile:

Why would anyone do this? PuTTY is what one uses on Windows because there are no good options. In Unix-land you have your choice of terminal emulators, shells, and ssh clients that are all delightfully (and usefully) separate things and you can mix and match them as Ritchie intended. Is there something about PuTTY that makes munging them together beneficial?

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Blink is amazing on the iPad (and it has proper mosh support, which is especially important on that platform). I’m also not sure why anyone would want this on a Mac.